CDE Teams

Career Development Events give FFA members the opportunity to achieve excellence in a wide variety of fields.

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Public Speaking 

Prepared, Extemporaneous, and Creed  

Conduct of Chapter Meetings 

To introduce eighth, ninth, and tenth grade students to parliamentary procedure while learning how to conduct efficient meetings and build their communication skills 

Agricultural Education 

The goal for the Agricultural Education Career Development Event is to enable FFA members to explore the career field of agricultural education. 

Employment Skills

The Employment Skills Leadership Development Event is designed for FFA members to develop, practice and demonstrate skills needed for seeking employment in the industry of agriculture. Each part of the event simulates, as closely as possible, real-world activities that will be used by real-world employers. 

Freshman Agriscience Quiz Bowl 

The purpose of this Career Development Event is to encourage students to master the objectives set forth in the Introduction to Agriscience Curriculum, to define agricultural terminology, and to develop an understanding of basic Parliamentary Procedure Skills. 

Livestock Evaluation 

The State FFA Livestock Evaluation CDE is designed as a practical method to increase knowledge in the selection and evaluation of livestock. It measures the students’ ability to make decisions based on industry criteria for a given species and then to orally defend and discuss their decisions. 

Land Judging 

The purpose of the Land and Homesite contests is to increase awareness of the importance of our soil resources and educate students on the diversity of soils. The contest will introduce them to the basics of soil assessment and proper management for agricultural and urban land uses. 

Meats Evaluation and Technology 

PURPOSE This event develops employment skills for students who are interested in experiencing and pursuing a career opportunity in the meat industry. Those who participate will become more knowledgeable consumers of meat and meat animal products and/or involved in the industry of marketing and managing. There are many job opportunities today that deal directly with the information provided in this contest. Students may continue studies in meat and food sciences related disciplines or go on to work in the meat industry at the processing, wholesale or retail levels 


The insect contest introduces high school students to the fundamentals of entomology. Insects are found on all continents and dominate most landscapes. Understanding the role of arthropods in complex ecological cycles is of utmost importance to agricultural crops and animal production, human health and well-being, and conservation. The purpose of this CDE is to engage students in comprehension of arthropod characteristics, growth, feeding, their impact on humans, integrated pest management, safe use of pesticides, careers in entomology, and the taxonomy and nomenclature used by entomologists in identification of common insects and their relatives